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Remotec motion graphic video

Sep 18, 2021
  • Motion Graphic Design, Visual Storytelling, Project De Videonauten

Very excited to share this motion graphic project I've been working on for the last few months! For my work at De Videonauten I made an animation video that shows the wide range of products and services of Remotec. Through this video you can discover what Remotec has to offer as a total partner for your indoor and outdoor company site.

It was a pleasure to make this project from start to finish. First we brainstormed about the concept, determining the illustration style within the corporate identity and outlining the scenario. Then I illustrated and animated each scene. I designed over 70 products and 11 different indoor and outdoor spaces. By using isometric perspective, I brought a 3D dimension to the illustrated environment to make the products easily recognizable. In order to stimulate an extra sense, I eventually supported this video with audio design.

Such a lovely project to work on. Projects like this make me long for more in the future!