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Motion Design

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Project - De Videonauten

Motion graphic video

I had a blast while working on this project for a few months! For my work at De Videonauten I made an animation video that shows the wide range of products and services of Remotec. Through this video you can discover what Remotec has to offer as a total partner for your indoor and outdoor company site.
I designed over 70 products and 11 different indoor and outdoor spaces. By using isometric perspective, I brought a 3D dimension to the illustrated environment to make the products easily recognizable.

Project - De Videonauten


For the editions of Jobhappening 2022 and 2023 I made an animated teaser video. In this playful animation video, shapes and images were combined to show the message in 9 scenes. During the event, students who graduate or have just graduated can get acquainted with companies and information for their future job. This video was shared on social media and played on the big screen in the Budascoop and on screens in the campuses Kortrijk Howest, Vives, UGent, KULeuven and Ghent University. Created as a motion graphic designer employed by De Videonauten.

Project - Once Storytelling

BUDA logo animations

During my internship at Once Storytelling I helped with the presentation of new logo proposals for BUDA arts center. BUDA creates an artistic context in which the artist's desire to create is central. It is a workplace, a presentation platform and a movie house located in Kortrijk BE. A colleague designed several logo concepts and I animated them to present in a presentation. It was a lot of fun to animate a logo in different ways.

Project - Once Storytelling

Deliverect Website

During my internship at Once Storytelling I helped design the new website for Deliverect. I made icons for the website and the explainer video and I helped with some design assets for web pages. Once web pages were designed I animated some with smooth transitions to show what it would look like when the pages were loaded after development. It was a pleasure to work with the Leap Forward team on this project and to see this project progress towards a fantastic result.

Project - Once Storytelling

New Year video

New Year? Yes please! I designed a New Year 2021 video for Reneos. I made these in different resolutions for social media. With smooth transitions and a nice Christmas song I brought my design from Figma to life in After Effects. This was a project during my internship at Once Storytelling.


The Creative Stem

I have designed an application named Stembot that helps children find their way on their computer during a (2D or 3D) design work process. It is a tool that provides support with questions, a kind of interactive game where a character gives the children tips and tricks when designing. This is a conceptual design where I do not build the software but I design it. I try to simulate the interactivity of this tool through an animated video of the application. I came up with this concept from the need of the volunteer organization The Creative STEM (BE), where children had questions during the working process of the design workshops from the organization. This application could offer a possible support.


Pink story
Think Pink Europe

I worked on my thesis at Howest for the client Think Pink Europe. Think Pink Europe is an organization that fights breast cancer. They organize Race for the Cure every year in 22 countries, an event where many people walk together to bring awareness about breast cancer. In a fantastic team, I designed a digital solution to boost this event. We focused on a target group that is not yet sufficiently familiar with the event and want to raise their awareness and encourage them to participate. We did this by designing a digital experience where the visitor is completely immersed in storytelling.

Project - Howest

Deliveroo App Motion Animations

I animated the mobile app from Deliveroo with Adobe After Effects from Sketch design. For the onboarding of the app I made three slides where the use of the app is proposed. Illustrations made in Adobe Illustrator.

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