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About Futova

Hi there! I'm Stijn Michiels,
a Creative Digital Designer

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Hello, I am Stijn Michiels and I'm known for my art alias Futova. I'm a creative digital designer located in Belgium with a variety of art activities. I specialize in identity design (branding, video, motion, illustration, social media content) and interface design (UX/UI of websites and applications). I make my designs so that they meet your needs and represents your brand in its full glory. I have an eye for modern web trends and like to explore a diverse range of styles.

I started freelancing in 2016, after graduating as a web designer. I combined this with music & entertainment business such as DJ performances and organizing events. A year later I felt like learning more about digital design techniques so I started my bachelor's degree in Digital Design & Development at Devine Howest. I graduated in January 2021 after an internship as a visual storyteller & digital designer at Once Storytelling, part of Leap Forward.

I worked over 2 years as a motion graphic designer & video editor at video production company De Videonauten. I did this in combination with part-time freelance work and afterwards I worked as a full-time independent freelancer for a year. From May 2024 I start with a permanent collaboration as a video content creator and I am currently available for part-time freelance opportunities.

Tailored Services

I'm currently available for part-time freelance opportunities. I collaborate in various capacities to create full-service design projects.

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My current favorite tools

Adobe CC
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Ableton Live
Wacom drawing tablet
DJI drone