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Once Storytelling

I am very excited to be working at Once Storytelling (Ghent BE) for the next three months as a visual storyteller for my internship of my studies Devine at Howest. Once is part of the Leap Forward group, along with Little Miss Robot (product design) and Knight Moves (Service design). As a visual storyteller I accept this challenge to realize great digital projects within this team. I'm looking forward to what these projects will have to offer, let's make something great! 💪

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Race for the Cure

For the next 6 weeks I am working on my thesis at Howest for my client Think Pink Europe. Think Pink Europe is an organization that fights breast cancer. They organize Race for the Cure every year in 22 countries, an event where many people walk together to bring awareness about breast cancer.

In a fantastic team, I am designing a digital solution to boost this event. We focus on a target group that is not yet sufficiently familiar with the event and want to raise their awareness and encourage them to participate. We do this by designing a digital experience where the visitor is completely immersed in storytelling.

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Project Stembot

Over the last 4 weeks I have designed an application named Stembot that helps children find their way on their computer during a (2D or 3D) design work process. It is a tool that provides support with questions, a kind of interactive game where a character gives the children tips and tricks when designing. This is a conceptual design where I do not build the software but I design it. I try to simulate the interactivity of this tool through an animated video of the application. I came up with this concept from the need of the volunteer organization De Creative STEM (BE), where children had questions during the working process of the design workshops from the organization. This application could offer a possible support.

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Building apps with React

Aside from designing I like to alternate with development assignments from time to time. For the coming weeks I will learn to build applications with React. React is a Javascript library for building user interfaces.
I am building an unofficial app for the Flemish TV program 'De Mol', where candidates carry out various assignments and hunt on the perpetrator. I design a forum where viewers of the program try to expose the perpetrator. Subjects and comments can be posted about a candidate who is suspected. I design upvote and like features. I work with React Router, Css modules, datamodels, custom hooks, and a lot of other pieces of code.. Let's build!

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Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

For inspiration, I definitely recommend Dutch Design Week! This is a festival in Eindhoven with nine design areas, where you can admire the work of more than 2,600 (inter)national designers. During their Graduation Show, the students of the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) presented their thesis with some nice design concepts that could improve the future, for example in terms of climate, well-being and environment. I really enjoyed this creative festival and the beautiful city of Eindhoven, I will definitely be back next year! (

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Cinema 4D

In the last few weeks I have learned a new skill with Cinema 4D. This software has the three spatial dimensions plus the time dimension with which you can animate 3D objects. It is great to create objects with this, the possibilities are endless!

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Crowd Control in Exhibitions

I'm researching how people navigate in large exhibitions. An important factor is how you can control the visitors' experience in the exhibition on the basis of crowd control. After interviews in the largest indoor second-hand exhibition in Flanders I have obtained some interesting insights. The experience, mood & comfort of the visitor and good navigation are the core of a successful visit. Navigate well means smooth progress, no congestion and the focus of the visitor. I study technologies on how I approach these points to provide a digital solution.

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Real estate agent

Mission: Designing a website for smartphone resolution in 3 hours without preparation or internet with only a style guide from the real estate company. A good exercise to quickly translate into a digital product based on your own current knowledge and inspiration.

Snorkel montage Corfu

If you like snorkeling, the bays on the coasts of North Corfu Greece are highly recommended! Through the clear water you see the underwater world flourish with life. This footage was filmed with GoPro hero7 black around the spots Apraos Beach, Porto Timoni beach and Agia Triada Beach. Music produced by myself.

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Project OBV w/ Rotterdam

The college students from Devine Kortrijk (BE) and CMD Rotterdam (NL) are joining forces. In collaboration we are working on a project for Opera Ballet Flanders (abbreviated as OBV) for three weeks. As the largest Flemish institution, OBV brings major classical works and new creations from the opera, dance and ballet repertoire. We are investigating how we can reach young people and students in a creative way to come to OBV. For our concept, a VR bus stands at locations such as at festivals, train stations and schools where visitors are offered an unforgettable VR experience and get to know OBV in a unique way. Our team designs an interactive VR experience and a promotional website where the VR bus can be followed.

Kind & Gezin

I have designed an app for 'Kind & Gezin', translated as Child & Family, an agency of the Flemish government. Its mission is to actively contribute to the welfare of young children and their families by providing services in the fields of policy preventive family support, childcare and adoption.
It's an app that checks and improves the safety of living environments for children. You can look up safe activities for your child, see the latest news and there is always help at hand in emergency situations.