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De kopspelers

An short intro animation video for Zendmast (BE), a video platform with weekly funny sketches. One of the web series is about Belgian football clubs where famous faces are turned into hand puppets and comment on the match in "Waldorf & Statler" style.

Experimental beat 'Tribal ritual'

A spiritual beat with visual design of fire sparks.

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Doodle hoodie

A soft black hoodie with my liquid doodle illustration, perfect for generating creative heat.

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TWEC app design

The Whole Earth Catalog, abbreviated as TWEC, is a book that Stewart Brand started as a guide where new technologies, tools and knowledge are brought forward in the most pragmatic way possible to enable personal development. The Whole Earth Catalog depends on a way of being from the 60s and 70s, but also on a hunger for information. I try to cross the boundaries between old and new and make the translation of a book to a smartphone app. The challenge is to visually translate a correct navigation structure. The user can endlessly swipe through articles and I design functionalities such as being able to save favorite articles.

Soundscape tune 'Lost Track'

Genre: Soundscape, Chillout, Experimental.

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Doodle Posters

There are new doodle posters available! This white poster with black print has a DIN-A2 format (42.0 x 59.4 cm). Send me a message if you want to order artFutova posters or stickers.

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Google Doodle

For Inventors' Day I made a Google doodle 'idea machine' animation in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

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Tree doodle stickers

I am very excited about my new stickers from my doodle tree design! Send me a message if you want to order artFutova stickers or posters.

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The waving robot

I had a lot of fun creating this character animation that I designed in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe After Effects.

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Black paper illustrations

I drew some portraits and animals with white pencil on black paper. I made these drawings based on the incidence of light. Hereby facial expressions and bright details come to life in depth.