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Graduated in Digital Design & Development

Jan 29, 2021
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I have great news, I just obtained my bachelor's degree in Digital Design & Development at Devine Howest! In May 2020 I took my last lessons and to complete my education I did my internship in September as a digital designer at Once Storytelling in Ghent. This was a fantastic experience and keeps me looking forward to what future design projects will bring.

By combining different design aspects, such as illustration, audio, UI and motion design, I create interactive digital experiences. I try to stimulate all senses so that it elevates the user experience. I have been captivated with a variety of art activities from an early age. Over the years I have learned to produce music / sound effects and to make illustrations on paper. After obtaining my professional education as a webdesigner, I continued to explore the digital world and started my bachelor at Devine. My Devine education has broadened my knowledge to digitize my illustrations, to animate and to create attractive UI designs.

In the future, I hope to continue to combine these different design aspects to realize interactive stories and create full service digital experiences for companies and organizations.